Communal Outreach

The outreach campaign aims to involve every Jew in their Heritage. The Gold Coast Hebrew Congregation provides the insight and the means for Jewish traditions and customs.

TefillinTefillin: Instruction on donning Teffilin is provided to both local and visitors of the Gold Coast Hebrew Congregation. We also avail ourselves to individuals in hospital and nursing homes, businessman in their offices and Bar Mitzvah boys. A service of purchasing Teffilin at a reasonable terms is available for those who are in need.

MezuzahMezuzah: We provide Kosher Mezuzzot for anyone in need, checking those already on doors, and assisting in installing them at homes and offices.

Shabbat CandlesLighting Shabbat Candles: Dispensing Shabbat Candle-holders to women in our community who have not had the opportunity to partake in this important tradition. Colourful brochure outlining the Shabbat Candle times for the entire year is available.

TzedakahTzedakah: Charity – This activity encourages the giving of charity daily and in order to share the financial responsibility as well as having a part in the activities of our Shule. We provide, free of charge, attractive and modern Tzeddakah-Charity boxes of the Gold Coast Hebrew Congregation as the beneficiary. The charity boxes are available upon request.

SforimSforim: Jewish Books – Books of Jewish content are provided to acquaint and enrich the knowledge of our Heritage and the understanding of being Jewish. A Jewish library is also available for those who wish to lend books on temporary basis.

KosherKosher: Educating, encouraging, and assisting in Koshering homes, as well as promoting Kosher facilities for the wider community. We have bakeries, catering establishments and Hotels, nursing homes, private and public functions available for easy access under the strict supervision of Rabbi Nir Gurevitch of the Gold Coast Hebrew Congregation, making the observance of Kosher as simple as can be.

Holiday Campaign

In addition to and as part of the Outreach Campaign, the Holiday Campaign aims to educate and involve all Jewish persons in the practice and participation of our rich holidays. The campaign includes all the ingredients to make it attractive and interesting. Printed material is also prepared and mailed to the community.

High Holidays

As we enter the new Jewish Year commencing with the month of Tishrei, the Gold Coast Hebrew Congregation offers a large variety of events. It provides and allows everyone to gain a better insight and appreciation into our festivals. These programs cater to the entire community, from children to adults and we encourage everyone to participate.

Rosh Hashanah & Yom Kippur Services

All services are conducted at our Synagogue. The prayers are meaningful, the people are friendly and everyone feels at home. At the conclusion of Yom Kippur and its long fast, a light L’chaim refreshments to conclude the fast is provided for all to partake.

To better appreciate the meaning of the High Holy Day prayers, courses and lectures are offered prior to the festival to all members of the community. A booklet compiled by Rabbi Gurevitch is also available and obtained from the Shule, titled A Companion to the Machzor. It outlines a brief explanation of the prayers and the page number in the Machzor for the entire service.

Shofar Factory

A very exciting and popular workshop activity of making a real Shofar from a rams horn. This activity is catered for all children from our own Talmud Torah as well as other communal children. The participants take part in making a Shofar from the very early stages until the Shofar can be blown.

Children Services

The High Holy Days can be fun and interesting too! Every year the Gold Coast Hebrew Congregation organises a junior Shule where we offer to our children a fun and educational Festival experience. It includes stories, songs, games, prizes, refreshments, kiddush, Shofar Blowing, and more for both days of Rosh Hashanah.


Sukkot Celebration is a large communal Sukkot party is organised yearly by the Gold Coast Hebrew Congregation for the wider community to enjoy the festive Yom Tov. Special attention is given towards the children in fostering a love and appreciation to our festival. A newly built Sukkah is located in the Shule courtyard for everyone to partake and say a L’chaim in the Sukkah.

Sukkah Mobile

A travelling Sukkah on wheels is another way of reaching out to members of our community in all locations on the Gold Coast. Available during the intermediate days of Sukkot. This is in order to share this tradition with everyone and experience the Mitzvah of Sukkah, and recting the blessing over the Lulav and Etrog.


Assistance is given for anyone who needs help in erecting a Sukkah at their homes.

Lulav and Etrog

Lulav and Etrog are provided for anyone who wishes to partake in this Mitzvah. Additionally, the Lulav and Etrog are brought to hospitals, Nursing homes and schools, offices and private homes for all to fulfil this tradition.

Simchat Torah

The most electrifying celebration of the year, where many members of our community, comprising of children, teenagers, adults and the elderly gather to celebrate the conclusion of the yearly Torah reading. Great emphasis is placed on the children who dance around with the Torah Scroll and partake in the dancing. A kiddush with L’chaim is provided throughout the night and day.


  • A workshop is arranged before Chanukah to involve the whole family in Chanukah arts & crafts and educational awareness to enhance the holiday observance.
  • Chanukah Menorahs are provided for children and families to partake in this tradition.Communal Celebrations: ‘Chanukah In The Park’ festival celebration is our largest communal get-together which commemorates a message that peace, justice and joy, triumph over oppression, evil, and arrogance.
  • This public celebration takes place in every major city around the globe, including Melbourne’s City Square, Sydney’s Martin Place, Adelaide’s Rundle Mall, as well as in Canberra, Brisbane and other locations. Every year, we hold a large communal celebration at Neal Shannon Park. The evening features the kindling of the large 20 ft. Menorah, as well as a live concert, dancing, food, gifts and entertainment for the entire family. We invite dignitaries, who regularly attend our function and extend their greetings. This successful function attract a crowd between 800-1000 people.


  • Mishloach Manot – Food Gift Baskets are sent to individuals and also prepared for school children, hospitals, and nursing homes. We also organize the children of our communal school and Cheder to visit and entertain our local nursing homes sharing the joy and happiness of the festival to all.
  • Seudat Purim – the Festive meal is an integral part of the tradition of Purim, and is provided at the Rabbi’s home and other communal members.
  • Megilah Reading – The Shule arranges the reading of the traditional Megilah for the wider community, as well as for individuals, nursing homes and school.
  • Communal Purim Party – A large celebration is organised for the community and for the children in particular. With professional entertainment, music, dancing, children amusements, costume competition and prizes, this is one of the most popular events for our communal children.


  • Selling Chametz: In preparation for Passover, the Gold Coast Hebrew Congregation assists many Jewish homes and business in disposing of their Chametz -Leaven products by traditionally selling it for them.
  • Shmurah Matza: This special hand made Matza is necessary for, and enriches the Seder. It is provided to the wider community. This gesture has allowed many families to begin and conduct Seders as well as observe the Passover traditions. Over a 1000 Matzos are distributed prior to Pesach to as many individuals, families, and organisations.
  • Seder: As a service to our members and the wider community and visitors, a public Seder is beautifully organised for approximately 180 persons at the Gold Coast Hebrew Congregation Katransky Hall. Care and assistance is also provided for those who prepare private Seders at their homes.
  • Kosher Pesach Food: As a service to the entire community, the Gold Coast Hebrew Congregation makes available and provides a large variety of Pesach goods at a reasonable price.

Lag Ba’Omer

Lag Ba’omer Kumzits – A communal Kumzits and a large bonfire is organised, coupled with lots of singing around the flames, Barbecue galore, hot baked potatoes in the fire, story telling, music and a great time for a family get-together.


At this festival, the time of receiving our Torah, the Gold Coast Hebrew Congregation makes every effort to attract all children to attend Shule and hear the Ten Commandments read out loud. To this end, an Ice-cream party, with games & stories is organised for the children. A traditional Milchig/dairy Kiddush is prepared for the congregation.


Friday night and Shabbat Service is a very significant and important element of The Gold Coast Hebrew Congregation. We constantly endeavour to increase attendance in our Shule, providing a warm and Heimish feeling for all those who attend. Children’s group and a youth Minyan is organised, allowing them to rediscover and take part in the Shabbat service. The Shule also organises a family Shabbat encouraging the parents to join in with their children at our Shule.

‘Shabbat Mevarchim’ – Special Kiddushim

On every Shabbat prior to Rosh Chodesh, known as Shabbat Mevarchim, the Shule prepares a sit down special Kiddush. Since its inception it has proved to be a continual success, fostering large attendance as well as strengthening friendship and interest in our Synagogue. The atmosphere is delighting and at times individuals from the crowd are invited to share an experience or a short message coupled with songs, L’chaim and schmoozing.