Mikveh Shoshana

Built in 1995 and located at 32 Markwell Ave, Surfers Paradise, our Mikveh has been completely refurbished!

A Mikveh is a natural body of water or a specially constructed pool filled with water, a certain percentage of which comes from natural sources. Modern Mikveot are clean, attractive and private.

For centuries, the Mikveh has been central to Jewish life and a cornerstone of every Jewish community. By Jewish law, one must build a Mikveh even prior to a Synagogue. One may even sell a Sefer Torah in order to raise the funds for a Mikveh.

Mikveot were built on the famous and historic site of Massada, and existed secretly in the former Soviet Union, at great risk to Soviet Jews.

Married women immerse themselves in the Mikveh each month after menstruation prior to resuming marital relations. Mikveh revitalizes intimate aspects of a marriage relationship and encourages mutual respect and friendship between partners.

The Mikveh is used by a bride prior to her wedding and by a convert in the conversion process.

A Mikveh is also used by men on various occasions. The most widely practiced are immersion by a groom on his wedding day and by every man before Yom Kippur. Many Chassidic men use the Mikveh before each Shabbat and holiday, some even making use of mikveh each day before morning prayer. A Mikveh can also be used for immersing dishes before use.

It is for this vital aspect of a Mikveh, that the Gold Coast Hebrew Congregation has taken upon itself to build and recently completely renovate a Mikveh on our premises. It not only serves the families in our community, but it equally provides a service for the many interstate visitors who take advantage of it whilst on holiday. Once again, our Mikveh is an additional encouragement and service to take advantage of by any Jewish family whether relocating or just visiting our community.

For a tour of our Mikveh or to make a booking, please contact Mrs Sarah Rebibou on 0413632895 or our office on 07 5570 1851.