Our President: President’s Message

IMG_4614November 2017

Dear members and friends.

We had a large turnout for the special ‘Challah Baking’ as part of the international ‘One Shabbat Celebration’. Special thanks to Dina Gurevitch, Liz Linton, Isabelle Grau and Rebecca Dales.

We are also having our Trivia Night coming up on Sunday 17th December, so come along and bring a friend with you. Checkout the info in our newsletter.

We are now getting ready for Chanukah in the Park 2017. A lot of preparation and hard work is ahead of us to create a wonderful celebration, promising to better the previous years.

This year we will entertain you with a special presentation from the children of our Cheder Sunday School and a spectacular ‘Scoot the Stunt Fire and Chainsaw Show’, together with beautiful food and more. We hope  you will be attending this celebration with us on Thursday, 14th of December 2017.

Don’t forget to enrol your children to our Summer Day Camp in January, first come first serve basis, as there are limited spots available. Check our newsletter for more info.

If you are planning a vacation trip this summer, have a great and safe time on your holidays and will see you again in 2018.

David Rebibou, President GCHC.