Our Rabbi

481413_541253759235635_875971823_nThe Gold Coast Hebrew Congregation is under the spiritual guidance of Rabbi Nir Gurevitch, a warm, caring and energetic individual, who has been our Rabbi since 1993.

Rabbi Nir Gurevitch was born in Israel and raised in New York where he pursued his post-high school studies in Miami and New Jersey. He received Rabbinic ordination in New York and also received Dayanut, the ability to serve in a Beit Din (Rabbinic court), from the illustrious Rosh Yeshiva, Rabbi Yisroel Piekarski. He further received his Shechita and Safrut – (ritual scribe) ordination.

In 1991, Rabbi Gurevitch married Dina Abeshouse, who was born and raised in Sydney, Australia.

In July of 1993, he and Dina arrived on the Gold Coast as Rabbi and Rebbetzin of the Gold Coast Hebrew Congregation with one goal in mind: to serve the Gold Coast Jewish Community.

Rabbi Gurevitch remarks that his greatest challenge is to keep up with the growth of the Gold Coast and its activities: “Our nature is to never be content with our accomplishments; we are always happy but never satisfied. We will continue to expand our Shule’s programs, youth activities, adult education and further our outreach efforts in order to make authentic Judaism an accessible reality to all Jews on the Gold Coast.” Rabbi Gurevitch’s approach is that Torah and Judaism must be presented and experienced in a modern, relevant context and made available to each individual on their own level.