Our Synagogue

Brief Background

The Gold Coast Hebrew Congregation is an Orthodox congregation founded over fifty three years ago. Its principle and goal is to service and provide the spiritual, religious, and social needs of the Jewish community on the Gold Coast and to reach out to each and every Jew with the message of traditional Judaism.

With a modest, the Gold Coast Hebrew Congregation today has grown to become one of the most prominent Jewish organisations on the Gold Coast.

Institutions and Facilities

The Gold Coast Hebrew Congregation is located at 34 Hamilton Ave, Surfers Paradise. The Gold Coast is the holiday and tourism centre of Australia and one of the most popular destinations for interstate and overseas visitors. With a Synagogue located at the heart of Surfers Paradise, we provide the necessary religious, spiritual and social needs to our local community as well as to all our Jewish visitors and holiday makers.

We house a heimish and cozy Synagogue, with a warm feeling and gentle approach to all who attend our Shule. We also provide our community with a large social hall, known as the ‘Katransky Hall’, and a smaller hall known as the ‘Rachel Pelerman Hall’. We also provide Mikvah facilities which are used by our communal members and interstate visitors.

Serving the Community

We provide the community with daily services and Shabbat Minyanim. The programs held at the Hebrew Congregation include: regular day time and evening classes and discussions, Shabbatons, private counseling, and Bikkur Cholim – sick visitations. One can enhance his/her Knowledge by taking part in our Lectures, workshops, a Jewish library, and holiday preparation group. We provide social and festival communal events. Educational material, and communal Jewish Magazine. Children are offered sound Jewish education at our Talmud Torah Cheder, and we provide a variety of programs for our youth. One can participate in our Communal Seders and choose from a large variety of Pesach goods. During the year we cater to the Kosher needs of our local and interstate visitors with an extensive selection of Kosher meats and dry goods at our Kosher Shop and Deli. We provide Kosher Mezuzot, Teffilin and other Judaica products, and can facilitate large and small functions at our newly refurbished air-conditioned Katransky Hall.

The Gold Coast Hebrew Congregation is noted for it’s atmosphere and for strengthening traditional Judaism throughout the city of the Gold Coast.

Needs, Goals and Philosophy


In view of the fact that intermarriage and assimilation is on the rise.
In view of the fact that there are so many Jews who conceal their Jewishness.
In view of the fact that the many of our people are unaware of the most elementary aspects of Judaism.
In view of the fact that there can be no future for the Jewish community without practice, observance and participation in Jewish, social and religious activity.
In view of the fact that Jewish education for the young is a fundamental key to our existence and continuity.


It is the goal of the Gold Coast Hebrew Congregation to change the present condition and make it possible that every Jew, young and old, from every background, condition, or financial status, should feel proud of being Jewish and take part in our beautiful traditions.


A cardinal principle of the philosophy of the Gold Coast Hebrew Congregation is the recognition of the essence of, and the acceptance and love for each and every Jew, regardless of any difference in background and status. Here in the warmth, acceptance and unconditional love that every Jew finds within our walls, lies the uniqueness of this community centre.

The Gold Coast Hebrew Congregation is a place to go when one needs a helping hand, a sympathetic ear and an open and caring heart. A place to study and learn, ask questions and receive answers.

The Gold Coast Hebrew Congregation is the location where every Jew, regardless of his or her affiliation, level of knowledge or commitment feels he or she truly ‘belongs’.

In keeping with this great tradition, the Hebrew Congregation is an exciting centre of Jewish activity. In all its innovative programs and activities, the Gold Coast Hebrew Congregation is holding fast to its main objective: to implant in the hearts of all who come through its doors, the joy, love, and light of Judaism.