Shiurim and Class Times

Adult Education Programme

As our classes are continuing to grow in interest and participants we encourage everyone to bring a friend and take part in our weekly on-going classes and Shiurim on various topics and discussions.

All of our classes and discussions cater for the entire community. Regardless of your background, knowledge, or affiliation, there is something for everyone. So please stop by and enrich your knowledge.

  • Monday Evenings: 7:30pm – Mystical Journey through the Bible.¬†For current topics, go to our What’s On menu.
  • Sunday – Thursday Evenings: 6.00pm – Jewish Law following Mincha
  • Thursday Evenings: 7:00pm – Talmud study
  • Shabbat Afternoon: 6.00pm – Assorted topical issues

For all further details call our office on 5570 1851

Torah Education at the Gold Coast Hebrew Congregation

Few will dispute the fact that within education lies the key; the education of young and old. Indeed if we are to perpetuate the beauty of our heritage we must all seek to grow together in our knowledge and understanding of the deepest, most diverse and comprehensive body of wisdom in the universe.

The Torah is G-D’s gift to mankind; however for the Jew it is a blueprint for life, the key to our existence.

The Gold Coast Hebrew Congregation is pleased to present this successful program of Jewish Education for the entire year. We encourage everyone to review it and attend our discussions by joining the classes of your choice. The forum of all classes present a perfect opportunity for beginners and allow for discussion and questions and answers in a very warm, open and comfortable setting.

Classes are open to all Jewish men and women regardless of previous background or affiliation.

Classes comprise of Jewish Law, Talmudic study, Jewish Philosophy and medical ethics, Mystical and Kabalistic teaching, Bible studies, Festival insights and more.

Classes are conducted daily and weekly by Rabbi Nir Gurevitch at the Synagogue and may also take place at various homes.

Guest Speakers

During the course of the year, The Gold Coast Hebrew Congregation arranges lectures by high profile and inspiring speakers to address our community on a variety of topics. At times it may be exclusively for women, and mostly for the general audience. These lectures prove to be very successful in attendance and interest as a large number of people attend.

Rabbi Gurevitch is available to lecture at various groups, including High Schools and communal and social organizations.